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Search Type a string to be searched. Eg. 'bat' will match Bathory, Krabathor, Sabbat etc. No wild chars like *, % are supported.
Artist Artists (bands) are searched.
Album Albums are searched. Can be used with previous item for searching Artists & Albums.
Release Year Four numbers are expected, eg. '1999'. If only 'From' item is entered, all newer albums since this year are found. If only 'To' is entered, all older albums before this year are found. If both 'From' and 'To' contains the same year, albums from this year are found.
Bitrate If only 'From' item is selected, all bitrates equal or higher then this value are found. If only 'To' is selected, all bitrates equal or lower are found.
Include VBR Also albums with variable bitrate (VBR) are found but only if they match with selected Bitrate.
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News News in list. If you type '3', only pieces which were added to list in last 3 months are found.
DVD Only pieces from selected range of burned DVDs are found. Numeric value like '69' are expected.